Friday, April 29, 2011

BB 14: Influences of Design

The following are pictures of places, objects, buildings, and spaces that have influence me as a designer.


Mexico City

Los Angeles

Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico


Turner Field Stadium, Atlanta Georgia.

Rose Bowl, Pasadena , California

The Parthenon



Grandma's house

The Woods

The Gym


Soccer Ball



Video games

The buildings that had an influence on me as a designer were mostly big buildings for large capacities such as stadiums. One of the first stadiums I visited to watch a professional match was the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I was really amazed by the size and number of people at the stadium. The thing that I like about stadiums is the architecture around them. The main thing that a stadium must do is to make people have a clear view of the game or show. I think that sometimes stadiums require a lot of creativity so thats why I like them. There is two places that have influence me as a design and both are in Mexico. The first one is Mexico City, the reason I chose this city is because I'm a really big fan of cities. I like long roads, tall buildings and the noise of cars on the roads. The other place is Cuernavaca, which is located in Morelos, Mexico. I grew close to this place and I like the fact that is almost hot all year round, in fact this city is called "the city of the summer". The architecture is a combination of old and new buildings and that makes this place unique for me.

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