Monday, January 31, 2011

10 elements

Looking around campus you can see that new buildings are being made and space around campus is large. This is because the number of sudents is large and you need more space to keep students happy, you dont want students to crash to one another.
                                                                   [power and precedent]
The Ionic columns around campus can represent the power of woman back in early years.
The way the campus is organize is in three ways. Dorms are on one side of campus, the Cafeteria, library, and EUC are in the middle, and clases are on the other side.
UNCG buildings are similar to the buildings of ancient greece because almost all the buildings have the same architecturar elements and materials. Architect were probably first trying to build building that would look the same throught the whole campus and they did found it. Same with the greeks after looking at what they could do they came up with the idea of columns and temples.

The architecture and size of the buldings shows how they are related to the learning enviroment of students. Students need buildings were they can interact with other students and study (library)

UNCG is located near the downtown of Greensboro. This enable students to walk outside campus and learn about Greensboro more.

                                                               [scale]At UNCG the bigger the buildings, the better and more important they become.


Paths and monuments like minerva statue, water fountain, clock, and the rock beside the library makes the life of students more pleasant and easy.


UNCG is locate in a plan surface with makes it easier for students to walk around and easy to locate buildings from a distance.


Reading Response (Theaters)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Social Networks in Colombia.

When you think of social networks, you automaticaly think of facebook or tweeter specially in the united states. These networks are often used to communicate, entertain, and inform the people around the globe. Countries around the world use different types of networks to communicate. One of the countries I will focus on is Colombia. In Colombia one of the netwroks that are most used are Facebook, Quepasa, and FD Gravitas. One of the most recent movements that Colombians started through Facebook was a protest march against the kidnap of Ingrid Betancourt  (Politician). This movement was important because it marked the importance of social networks in Colombia. Also, because of this protest FD Gravitas got involved in the movement. FD Gravitas is a strategic communication company, and is currently advising more than 60 clients in different sectors such as oil, agriculture, and technology. The protest was so organize and important that in over 130 cities more than 150 million people marched in white and the clombian colors to ask the deliberation of Betancourt.source: the picture You can see a picture of Bentacourt, which was designed by FD Gravitas


Monday, January 24, 2011

Enviromental Design Box Project

Elements of Ancient Times.(History & Theory of design)

Looking at the patterns and ancient elements of architecture I believe enviroments influence rituals. The way I determined that enviroments influenced rituals is by placing myself in the shoes of an ancient person. I imagined myself waking up one day and looking at the things around me, looking at the sun and moon. Looking at the way the trees are stading and the shape of the mountains. Finally how the people accomplish more working as a group than working alone. After a long time of looking at these objects and events on a daily basis one of the obvious things to do in order to have rituals would be to take these object and make/copy their shape or structure in order to have orginize rituals. For instance, when I look at a circle the thing that grabs my mind is the center of that point. One example is the EUC building where you can see a circle in the middle of the back entrance, the circle is like 20 feet in diameter and if you stand in the middle and look up there is a long shape that looks like a cylinder.
I believe that the reason why rituals sometimes are preform inside a circual shape is to let the peope know that who ever is inside the circle is important and that people should respect the line around it.
Same thing happens to the vertical shapes. They are most of the time equally separate from each other and serve to hold something or guide the audience to a sacred place. One place that I think serves this purpose is the Alumni center at UNCG.
This place has four columns that hold the top in place and are used to represent the main entrance of the building. Finally the stacking of objects was important to ancient cultures. In most cutures we see objects stack up from largest to smallest. This could mean that people wanted the top to represent something important. Another possible explanation is that the mountains had a very sharp top. Ancient cultures had very limitated tools and resources, and that can also be one of the reasons that ancient groups used techniques like stacking and grouping because those were the only things the enviroment provided and saw.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

History & Theory of Design

Sources: A Global History of Architecture by Francis D. K. Ching

Blog on Header

In my header I decided to draw a drawing that could represent me and I decided to draw some houses. In the picture you can see that four houses look the same which to me represents equal and old designs. Next to the four identical houses I drew a house with a modern design. To me this lets you know that the reason I am in the Interior Architecture major is to come up with new ideas and designs. In the future I plan to design objects that are new, modern, and out of the ordinary to attract possible clients. This picture represents me because I think I always looking for strange but at the same time good looking things that could amaze people. Also If you look at the drawing you can see that the modern house is composed of objects such as squares, cylinders, and triangles, something you do not see often. At the end of this semester I plan to continue doing things that will amaze my classmates as well as the professors.